Why come work for us?

We live in our office, meaning it's no different from our house. Get the work done your way. Our office environment has been the source of our success and dedication towards achieving it. We talk,play, disscuss, create,design and deliver. That's how we work. Don't expect any stereotypes here. Every one is target driven, everything has a time sense and everywhere there's humour sense. Yearn to learn to learn to earn. If you think you can learn, serve and contribute towards our goal, put in a PDF of you to careers@calotropis.in. Make sure to mention how you can relate and contribute to our business under a separate heading “how?” In your PDF of your resume. Most importantly, you're in only when you're fun.

Company perks

Flexible schedule

We value OUR time while we leave your time for you as long as you contribute enough time for OUR time.

Learn multiple Technologies

If you are prudent enough, you can stick your head into learning multiple technologies in a shot span of time.

Work on what matters

Get hands on right away. Work on real time projects and implement whatever you've learnt. Your effort will never be useless.

Build on your ideas

Learn and try it out practically. Make an app based on your ideas with the things you've learnt here. But only on your time.

Away Time

What's break time? There are times when you're in and there are times you're away. It doesn't make a difference.

Play Time

X-box, PS4 is not what we prefer here. We play with everyone. Cracks you up every time.

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Kim Smith
Satisfied Customer
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John Williams
Satisfied Customer
"Amazing! Aliquam pulvinar odio non elementum laoreet. Vivamus pretium."
Liz James
Satisfied Customer

Work With Us

We're looking for people who are willing to board on our vehicle that's on “come fly with me” mode. Relax?, No!

Business Development Coordinator

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