How do we do it

We, at Calotropis follow a special adaption of popular life cycle models to fit our life cycle models.


We provide a vision of the system based on the requirements of our clients. We choose the best version of our options to start with.


We start modeling the structure with best ideas that improve the efficiency of the software. We give a definite shape and structure to it.


We make sure to give you the satisfaction of seeing and experiencing your software being developed in sync with what you think.


Deliver to you the system that will mark the beginning of our relationship for many years to come.



Web applications that feel lighter, run faster and make your business brighter.


Customized mobile apps that make the perfect accessory for your business.


Well researched marketing plans to identify and attract your target audience online


Augmented Reality applications that give an edge over your competitors.


We create, market and establish brands with techniques that are unique, appealing and creative.


Softwares that let you handle your company with just a few clicks and/or touches.


CaloERP works harder for you and lets you work smarter. Experience the power of handling your business from your mobile phone. Faster, Better and complete control over all tiers of business from anywhere, online. Tools led to the growth of humanity, use CaloERP for the growth of your business. Be on top and also in the front of your business.


Monitor and track your shipment at any stage. Delegate tasks and assign the workflow from a single window. Automation is here to give you the power. Premium experience of having a complete and customisable control over your business, from incoming manifest to proof of delivery.

Our Clients

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Sahara Express

I never thought taking my business online would be such an easy process.

IT Head

Cake Park

I’m impressed by the pool of talent they have working for them.


Venus Electronics

They are radiant and every time I meet with any of them, they’re always vibrant and confident. Gives me the confidence to continue with them.

Managing Partner

Pacific World

Calotropis is headed by a young team who are highly mature. They definitely know how to run a business.

Ajith Kumar
General Manager

HCL Learning

Today, I choose to stay with them despite some of their mistakes of the past precisely because of how they carried out those words.

Shanmuga Priya

576 Megapixelss

I can see the future in Calotropis. Both of their business and mine.

Sunil Kumar


They have the best business practice, something that most businesses lack today.

Reena Tops
Choose Calotropis and hop-on to the Digital World.



Our growth is directly proportional to the growth of our clients and our client base. Our work ethics and quality service has helped us maintain a good rapport with our clientele.



On-time delivery and smart resource management has enabled us to deliver 80+ projects in shot span with successful implementation and appreciation from our clients.



Delivering the best softwares involves understanding and usage of latest and best technologies relevant to the field of the requirement to ensure the quality of software.