Introducing your business to the technology of the future is our primary mission.

While you live the present, We help secure the future of your company.

Who we are and what we do.

Introducing your business to the technology of the future is our primary mission. While you live the present, We make sure that the future of your company is secure and is on par with the latest technologies that make it easier for businesses to make the transition on to the future. With a team of intelligent, young and practical minds, Calotropis crafts ideas that are futuristic and practical to enhance your business thereby providing a top class customer experience and satisfaction of our clients. Our ability to cater to a wide range of domains like Augmented Reality, Application Development,Business Process Engineering etc. with a simple and user-friendly interface and our superior Branding and Digital Marketing strategies have helped many businesses reach the next level. The happiness and trust of our clients have helped us gain a foothold in the industry.

Our Story

Calotropis Software Solutions was established in 2016 after our founders realized that there was a void in the field that is flooded with companies to help businesses make the transition from offline to online. We also aimed to provide technological solutions to businesses that were already digital but under-performing due to poor tools. Focusing on this void is our priority and our mission. A shrewd team headed by people with good business acumen has helped us stay our course towards our mission and has also made us on course to becoming a recognized industry force.

Our Team

Abinandhanan S U

Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer
Abinandhanan manages the firm’s business operations including technology, research, business development and execution.

Dinesh Sridhar

Co-founder/ Chief Operating Officer
Dinesh is Chief Operating Officer at Calotropis, where he leads the sales, marketing, business development and communication.

Sahara Express

I never thought taking my business online would be such an easy process.

IT Head

Cake Park

I’m impressed by the pool of talent they have working for them.


Venus Electronics

They are radiant and every time I meet with any of them, they’re always vibrant and confident. Gives me the confidence to continue with them.

Managing Partner

Pacific World

Calotropis is headed by a young team who are highly mature. They definitely know how to run a business.

Ajith Kumar
General Manager

HCL Learning

Today, I choose to stay with them despite some of their mistakes of the past precisely because of how they carried out those words.

Shanmuga Priya

576 Megapixelss

I can see the future in Calotropis. Both of their business and mine.

Sunil Kumar


They have the best business practice, something that most businesses lack today.

Reena Tops

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