Visual representation technology of the future

Applications for Augmented Reality

AR is the next big thing in the field of science and technology. With some of the biggest name on the industry like Google, Apple, Facebook and etc working on bringing AR to consumers, investments are flowing in millions to this purpose. AR applications are the thing of near future, opting to choose AR to educate and to promote will get you on board as a pioneer in the field. With the growth of AR, your business will grow. Calotropis offer AR applications and services for Marker-based AR, Location based AR, Recognition based AR, Wearable AR and much more. Make your business a part of futAR.

Enhance your business through Augumented Reality applications.

Augmented reality is a feature from the future. Experience it with our applications.

Object Visualisation

Give new meaning to how objects can be visualised.

Educate Customers

Show the customers the exact micro part of your business you are talking about.

Interactive User Experince

Interact with the users based on individual decisions and actions.

Agument Business Operations

Project your business operations and re-posts in an unimaginable way.

Data Delivery

With the AR experience, delivering the data becomes easier as the attention is undivided.

New to Audience

As a new market for audience you get to get on board early and be there for the ripe.

AR coded on to the paper

     Marker-based AR applications are the simplest method to implement AR. Providing the hard-coded marked sheet beforehand, a simple scanning would bring up the AR version of whatever you require.

      This the most widely used method just for its simplicity in execution. Calotropis software solutions are making breakthrough marketing strategies using AR applications. Image explaining your pitch or model to your client or customer using AR. Contact us to schedule a demo.