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Automate Business

Plan, execute and also track your business plans and their impact in real time. Concentrate on the things that matter by knowing where to tap. Business Automation brings all of the business processes under your control.

Why CaloERP?

Feel superior, have the power of handling and having your business on your fingertip. A perfect tool to carve your business.

Monitor team progress

Updation of all tasks in CaloERP gives you the luxury of pulling up and monitoring team progress, based on which you can plan your strategies.

Increase productivity

Knowing the work rate and work track of your individual resources leads you to cater to needs with pinpoint accuracy which leads to increased productivity.

Streamlined Processes

With separate modules for every aspect of your business, and of it in one place and on-demand, CaloERP makes your business and your handling simpler.


Have the statistics, report and data ready and lined up. Analyze and forecast your business, create a data-driven workflow.

Productivity Management

Customizable functions mean you can pick and choose functions that save time and makes management easier having a direct impact on your productivity.

Time sheet Management

Timesheet eliminates the human error factor by logging the accurate working hours and productivity hours.

Project planning and tracking

Plan and track the progress of a project through CaloERP from anywhere around the world.

Support ticketing

In app function that lets you handle your ticket and address the query anytime, anywhere.

Human Resource Management

The functions of HR made easy, accessible and online.

Time card

Logs everything, just pull up any time card with simple search functions.

Attendance and leave management

Submit request for leave and get the decision online. Automated process that handles attendance and leave.

Productivity tracking

Track the productivity of team or individual through the timesheet and project management.

Customer Relationship Management

Handle and track all queries without missing anything. Smart customer management module is a winner.

Lead management

Manage your lead the best way by updating the progress and response of your leads.

Smart auto follow-ups

Reminder in regular intervals for follow ups depending on the status of the query or lead.

Sales reports and forecasting

With the power of data, draw any sales report in seconds and also project the forecast for the current trend.

Smart Finance Management

Invoice generation & tracking

Customized temples that can be generated in one touch on entering the variables.

Payments and expense tracking

Automated process helps retrieve the accurate data of the payments and the expenses.

Risk management

Have preloaded templates for managing and handling risks that are customized for each business.

Mobile friendly UI

An UI that is crisp and clear, for everyone!

Ergonomic Design

Designed with the core understanding of app usage.

Brilliant, just like your business!

Available now. Get in there and live it up!

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