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A streamlined Process to Manage Multiple Aspects Over All
Tiers of Business.

CaloERP software helps bring transparency and visibility in business operations, monitor financial activities, and streamline internal business processes to drive business growth.

Modern, Reliable, Quick and Efficient

ERP solutions are a preferred choice for any business who wants to streamline their business processes using extensive automation to reduce labour, and save costs. Enjoy a connected business with CaloERP.




Why CaloERP?

CaloERP is developed with our robust deliverable-based methodologies. As the best ERP software, it focuses on rapidly improving business performance and minimizing project risk. As we have combined the best in design, customization with user-friendly features. Thus the ERP system software ensures your success in the digital world.

Monitor team progress

CaloERP Automates, streamlines, Monitor and manage your business process anytime, from anywhere.

Streamlined Processes

CaloERP covers every single aspect of a business and shares data in real-time by enhancing collaboration and communication at all modules.

Increase productivity

CaloERP provides proper visibility and with continuous tracking, you will increase the business performance to know the things that work better for your business and do more faster.


With CaloERP, businesses can easily make realistic estimates and more effective forecasts. Thus you can achieve higher accuracy and stay ahead of the competition through our best ERP software.

Productivity Management

Productivity Management

Standardize and automate the processes to achieve a high level of efficiency in its operations. Gain insights into productivity patterns and unlock the true potential of your workforce. Get a powerful and scalable ERP system software application development solution at Calotropis.

Time sheet Management

Configures unique time schedules, logging the accurate working and productivity hours, logoffs, and holidays list depending on your business requirements.

Project planning and tracking

Measuring project performance regularly to make sure projects are on track. Our best ERP software is designed with everything in one place. Thus in real-time, the ERP system software helps to keep projects visible across teams and customers efficiently.

Support ticketing

This function of CaloERP lets you request, track, and act on customer feedback end-to-end. Also by using our best ERP software you can handle your ticket to address the query anytime, anywhere.

Human Resource Management

CaloERP improves operational efficiency, and streamline the communication and approval process. The functions of HR are made easy, accessible and online. Manage all your HR processes of your workforce with more precision in a single place with our ERP system software.

Human Resource Management

Time card

It’s easy to track the amount of an employee’s time spent on each job with CaloERP. Therefore ensures that the payroll entry bills these extra hours in the salary slip automatically.

Attendance and leave management

The ERP system software keeps track of approved/unapproved leaves, absenteeism, working hours, sick leaves, etc. This makes your workforce management easy as it eliminates the complexities. For instance, the system itself tracks and stores attendance records,  miscalculated or delayed salaries, etc. 

Productivity tracking

Collect, Measure, Track and manage performance data on the productivity of a team or individual. This helps you to spot performance gaps, identify top performers for a cost-effective function.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Experience a never before smart customer management app that drives and enables improved business decision-making processes, drives revenues. Also eliminates inefficiencies related to customer data management with Calo ERP.

Lead management

Automated lead generation, reporting, and client interaction processes.

Smart auto follow-ups

Reminder in regular intervals for follow-ups depending on the status of the lead. With optimized and automated lead generation processes, CaloERP can analyze and communicate with potential clients.

Sales reports and forecasting

With the power of data, draw any sales report in seconds and also project the forecast for the current trend.

Smart Finance Management

Calo ERP streamlines the process of financial management to plan business objectives, track achievements, gain visibility of the end-to-end view of your business. So that you can make informed financial decisions, amplify financial closes and report whilst maintaining company goals and improving data accuracy.

Smart Finance Management

Invoice generation & tracking

Calo ERP is a user-friendly, efficient system that tracks and generates invoices at ease.

Payments and expense tracking

Calo ERP’s automated process helps retrieve accurate data for payments and expenses right from tracking, approval, reporting and reimbursements.

Risk management

Calo ERP manages any financial situation by predicting, analyzing, managing money flowing in and out of your business.


Responsive UI


Crisp, Clear and accessible anytime anywhere on any device

User-Friendly Design

Simplified, Easy Navigation through all modules
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