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Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation is of the major domains that contribute to the IT industry. Business Process Automation gives your business the advantage of making the best use of your resources to extract the best outputs. Being the best in Chennai for proving best solution for business automation, Calotropis builds customized software that best are the best fit for your business requirements. Tied up with leading business in every field helps us understand the working of every business intricately be it small scale, medium scale or large scale business. With this understanding, we offer business solutions software like CRM, ERP, office automation software and many more.

Business automation and its perks

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Enhanced Workflow

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Time Saving

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Disaster Recovery

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Improved Efficiency

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Cost Effective

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Minimized Errors

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Single software to handle all modules

     Enterprise Resources Planning is all about streamlining all your business data to produce business-oriented reports that can help you plan and run your business better. CaloERP, A product of Calotropis designed to do this specific task, creates a direct impact on the betterment of your business.

      Collecting all random data's of your business and organizing them into your advantage creates a data-driven workflow which can lead to better planning and execution. CaloERP covers all the basic departments of a business like finance, HR, Inventory management, Supply chain management, vendor management and much more. With simple and efficient design, CaloERP can be customized to fit the need of your business. Contact us to request a demo to better business.