> Operations and Logistics Management
> Human Resource Management
Faster, accurate, precise and easy, just like the courier you deliver.

Digitise Delivery

Make your delivery business more efficient, trackable, traceable, accessible, fast, online and mobile friendly. Hand your customers and employees the comfort of handling the complete process of the shipment with just few clicks. Have a grip on the whole process from gate entry to entering the customer satisfaction rating, all through one app.

Why Dispatch Express?

With the customized app for incoming, processing, dispatch and delivery, Manage the complete process easily and efficiently from a single window.

Business Growth

The application is super efficient, user friendly, customizable and tracks everything thereby saving time and money.

Customer Retention

Option to record customer review on each delivery, so that you can tend to any customer grievance immediately.

Cost cutting

Retire the overwhelming usage of paper, pen, etc.. The app cuts costs and prevents the cutting of trees.

Manpower Independence

Create a data driven workflow, eliminate the human error factor. Automation serves the best.

Operations and Logistics Management

With default modules and option to customize, manage all your operational and logistical tasks on the same space.

Gate Entry

Register all details of your consignments once they reach the warehouse.

Incoming / Outgoing manifest

Manage manifests from and to all branches, incoming and outgoing.

Runsheet Management

Delegate runsheets to your delivery vehicles and keep track of them right from manifests.

Strategic administration

Vendor Management

Have the record of previous purchases, negotiations , vendor performance and the performance of the product of vendor displayed before you on one touch.

Customer Relationship Management

Records the customer reaction after each delivery, helping you to get on any dissatisfaction immediately.

Finance Management

Manage your finance with accurate data and device strategies with factual backing.

Human Resource Management

All the functions of a HR department, automated. Be perfect with your numbers, Always!

Payroll Management

Module created and customized to manage the payroll of employees for any business model.

Attendance and Leave Management

Update the attendance, request and approve leave, everything online. It doesn't require paper, requires just few clicks.

Recruitment Management

Monitor and plan the complete recruitment process online and on click.

Tracking and Reports

Delivery Executive Tracking

Track the location of your delivery executive with centralized sync from the executive's device.

Consignment Tracking

Enter the consignment number to track and get the status of the consignment in seconds.

Proof Of Delivery

Immediate update of the proof of delivery which can be viewed by you from anywhere.

Easy User Interface

All the functions you want to use is just one touch click away. Interface designed for everyone.

Simple Migration

Migrate from your current system with ease.

And final reports.

Available now. Get in there and live it up!

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