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Unlike anything you've ever experienced

STELLAR - Standalone Ergonomic Lucid Lens for Augmented Reality, is an augmented reality headwear which is set to be launched in 2019, expected to be the most effective and economical option among competitors. The Mark-I prototype is ready and the research is on for further improvements. STELLAR now marks the peak in various variables that signify importance in the augmented reality environment like field of view and effective frame progression.

Next-generation Augmentation

Our headwear works on popular operating systems. The software development kit will be open source, aiming to catalyze the evolution of the technology through avid contributors.

Years of research and development

STELLAR is all about guiding the way innovation travels in the world. Our great minds have put years of research into building our first prototype, ensuring that you get nothing but the best.

Most efficient design

The people at Calotropis who are behind STELLAR have achieved optimality in the most efficient way. The headwear boasts of market leading field of view, lesser blind spots and a sleek projection.

Adaptable to the pace

We have constantly evaluated the ability of our prototype to adapt to changes in the ecosystem. We made sure that moving variables that might emerge in the future are accomodated in our design.

Effective costing

The ultimate goal of Calotropis research is affordable technology. We are a socially aware group of people who have kept in mind the significance of an efficient costing while developing the headwear.

Want to know more about STELLAR?

Built from the inside out

Our design ensures that you don't compromise on style, even though it emerged before its skeleton.


Stellar is compact and portable, and leaves a lot of room for gaming and industrial purposes.


1.4Ghz processor, 3GB RAM and a dedicated graphics processor ensures smooth functioning.

Open source SDK

An open source SDK would mean an excellent community, unlimited contributors and rapid updates.

Innovative controllers to match

The headwear is controlled with a wireless controller that goes with it. Simple and efficient.

Want to contribute or invest?

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