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Faster, accurate, precise and easy just like the shipment you deliver.

Manage shipping and delivery processes on the go. With courier management software your users get an interactive and responsive platform to manage your service. In addition, you get an easy-to-use backend to manage everything with maximum visibility.


Take Control of Your delivery business with ease with TechWift software! With the comprehensive dashboard, you can track the real-time shipment and get accurate ETA calculations in a breeze. With this courier management software, companies dealing with delivery business solutions can easily manage everything without much effort. This robust, simple to use TechWift software for the logistics industry enables clients to optimize operational efficiency and visibility. Also, minimizes operational costs, timely delivery and improves high customer satisfaction.




Why TechWift?

Things are better organized and more visible with courier tracking software. With the customized app for incoming, processing, dispatch and delivery. You can manage the complete process easily and efficiently from a single tool. You can experience seamless automation from order pickup to delivery through TechWift.

Business Growth

TechWift is efficient in saving time, improving operational costs and enhance customer service levels. Thus attaining business growth.

Cost Cutting

TechWift is a great paperless app for Delivery Businesses. As it helps you to reduce expenses thereby maximizing profits and promoting the eco-friendly initiative.

Customer Retention

Customer feedback management on each delivery. Immediate customer issue tracking to provide best-in-class customer support and grievance management mechanisms.


Manpower Independence

As all data is stored in the cloud and the process is automated, it helps to reduce human error and save time. Also allows your staff members to focus on what matters.


Operations and Logistics Management

Digitize and Optimize Operational and Logistics flows to connect your business with a seamless experience. Managing the transportation, designing and controlling the whole business operations is possible through courier management software.

Gate Entry


Improved real-time visibility and track consignments once they reach the warehouse.


Incoming / Outgoing manifest

Customers can track and manage shipments and manifest easily, by using our courier tracking software. Thus you can integrate your multiple branches using a single platform.


Runsheet Management

Delegate run sheets to your delivery vehicles and keep track of them right from manifests

Strategic administration

Optimization of the company strategic Administration to help increase efficiency as well as to reduce human mistakes and miscommunication. Our courier management software helps your strategic management to make your organisation more competitive.

Strategic Maintenance

Vendor Management

Analyze, manage and control your workforce from vendor onboarding, billing information, and contracts, all in one place to gain visibility of your services procurement process.

Customer Relationship Management

Track and manage customer feedback after each delivery. Thus our courier management software improves customer satisfaction and overall performance.


Finance Management

Communicating financial information more clearly to vendors and your customers when needed.
Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Integrated with a full-fledged Human Resource Management module that can be deployed to speed up daily operations. Thus our courier management software helps you spend less time on repetitive, manual tasks.

Payroll Management

Seamless and hassle-free module created and customized to manage the payroll of employees to efficiently manage employee payments and other benefits.

Attendance and Leave Management

Automating attendance, request and approving leave, everything online to enable managers to approve leaves.

Recruitment Management

Integrating the Recruitment Management module with online recruitment portals for quick and improved screening to monitor and plan the complete recruitment process.


Tracking and Reports

Simplified and speedy expense reporting and approval process with ease of use, continuity for precise reporting to improve workflows. Our courier tracking software helps you with real-time tracking of data status and immediate report update.

Tracking Reports

Delivery Executive Tracking

Tracking the status of the delivery agents as well as the product with GPS integration.

Consignment Tracking

Enter the consignment number to track and get the status of the consignment in seconds.

Proof Of Delivery

Customers can track order status. Delivery agents can collect Proof of Delivery such as order received status and signatures of customers. This can be easily updated in the system through our courier tracking software.

Easy User Interface

Sleek, User-Friendly, Responsive and Navigable Interface with faster loading time.

Simple Migration

Ensuring smooth Migration of data from your current system with ease.
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